Prepare For All Your Taco Dreams To Come True At The Taco Bell Airbnb

Fast food has been stepping up its game and offering better, cleaner food, crazy concoctions, and big changes to what they serve. It’s been a fun ride so far: We’ve seen secret menus become ubiquitous, the Whopperito came and went, and we can breakfast day and night at our own behest. Then Taco Bell went and took the whole game up a notch, and this one’s going to be hard to top. They opened a f*cking Airbnb.

Catch your breath. This is not a drill. Taco Bell is promoting the new Steak Doubedilla with a full-fledged Steakcation! Yes, you can enter to win a chance to stay at the Taco Bell in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. We’re guessing it’s BYOB and BYOW. If there was ever a reason to bite the burrito bullet and travel to beautiful Canada, this is it people!

The whole restaurant will be converted into one big living space for the lodgers. The dining area will have two sets of bunk beds so you can bring friends. A chill out area will be assembled near the cash registers making a makeshift living room. Plus, as their Airbnb listing points out, “Not only will you dine on Steak Doubledillas — with twice the tender, marinated steak and creamy jalapeño sauce in a cheesy quesadilla — we’ll also have video games, movies, and lots of other stuff to keep you entertained.”

No word yet if Taco Bell’s own The Waiting Game will be available to play. We can all probably agree that this has taken us one step closer to Demolition Man becoming a reality, though. Enter to win here.

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Double date. #DoubleDilla

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