You Can Try Taco Bell’s Secret Menu Item Before Everyone Else By Ordering It Sight Unseen

Taco Bell’s newest creation — a fusion of two mystery, high demand items — will be made available everywhere February 8 (after being shown in a Super Bowl commercial on the 7th). However, those willing to blindly trust their favorite fast foodery can now pre-order the historic product and pick it up two days before the rest of the world.

To get in on the madness, simply head to the company’s website and click pre-order now. Each “taco surprise” costs $2.99 (with slight variations, depending on the restaurant). Apparently someone at Taco Bell is looking out for the hoards of people willing to spend big bank on a product they’ve never seen before, because there’s a limit of five per customer. Our condolences to your digestive systems!

On Saturday, February 6, Taco Bell will send an email to those who preordered and you’ll be able to pick up the mystery order between 2 and 4 p.m. So, you’ll have to reschedule that nap you had planned.

Getting Doritos Locos.

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In a very cryptic press release, it was revealed that for the rest of the world, Taco Bell’s new product will be unveiled with a 30-second Super Bowl commercial. The commercial will mark the restaurant’s first half time commercial in three years. Interestingly, Beyonce put on The Best Super Bowl Half Time Show Ever three years ago, and she will return this year with Coldplay. If Beyonce and Taco Bell both take a hiatus and return to the Super Bowl at the same time, does that mean the Illuminati are real? Probably. And they’re all #tacocleanse truthers.

This is some of the most exciting Mexican fast food news since Taco Bell began delivering. We seriously hope whatever is in that green box James Harden is holding is better than these monstrosities.

Well, we know that certain people will definitely want to order early:


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