What To Do In Mexico For The First-Time Traveler


Last year, 35 million Americans traveled to Mexico for their vacations. That number has basically doubled since 2000. That’s great for Mexico, America, and travel itself. It also means that if you’re thinking about going somewhere for the first time, Mexico is probably right at the top of your travel bucket list.

Thing is, Mexico is freakin’ massive. The country is basically one-third the size of the U.S. There are mountain ranges, deserts, rainforests, canyons, and two seemingly endless coastlines with more beaches and tropical islands than we have time to count. All of that means that the opportunity for error is much higher. What if you pick a crowded city when you wanted peace? What if you choose a played out resort town when you dreamed of hanging with young partiers?

The fact that there are so many options at play presents a clear problem: Where to even start? And, in reality, all of that leads to a lot of people settling for package resorts and disappearing into a sea of club foam for a week (which, if we’re being honest, has its advantages too). Still, it might be time to go a little deeper.

Below are six or seven ways you can dip your traveling toes into the wonders that await you in Mexico. Maybe you’re more of a city type — we got you covered. More of a beach bum? Mexico is gonna be your jam. Feelin’ some street food vibes? You are in so much luck. Mexico rocks. Let’s roll!

Basic phrases:

Hola (hello)
Gracias (thank you)
¿Cuánto cuesta? (how much)
No sé (I don’t know)
Perdón (sorry/excuse me)
Por favor (please)
uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez (one through ten)

Average Exchange Rate: $1USD = $20MP