Visit These Hidden Beaches For A Late Summer Escape


Comedy legend and professional curmudgeon Bill Hicks once said, “What’s the f*ckin’ deal with the beach? It’s where dirt meets water, alright!” He’s not wrong. Yet, for some reason, we’re drawn to the beach summer after summer like moths to the proverbial flame. The allure conjured by soft sand, crashing waters, and swaying palms is undeniable. But that ends up meaning that some beaches get straight up packed. And an over-crowded beach just isn’t fun.

If you really want to bear witness to where the dirt meets the water, you need a hidden beach. A secret stretch of sand. A tiny cove, or abandoned isle. You need the beaches on this list. And though Life editor Steve Bramucci are I are hesitant to give away too many secrets, it’s hot as all hell right now and we feel like you deserve a little seclusion to cool down and chill out.

Warning: The beaches on this list are wonderfully remote. It’ll take some effort to reach them. And don’t expect to find a kiosk selling coconuts or a food truck slinging burgers once you arrive.

— Zach Johnston, Senior Life writer


Orange County, California calls its coastline the “Blue 42.” That’s 42 miles of sand, surf, and sun. But it’s also the fourth most populous county in the nation, meaning that finding a little elbow room is tough.

Here’s the key, if you want privacy: Be willing to walk. Not miles, mind you, I’m talking about a few hundred feet. Because the crowds and their coolers all seem to stick as close to their parking spots as humanly possible.