Miesha Tate Chokes Holly Holm Unconscious At UFC 196 And Is The New UFC Bantamweight Champ

Miesha Tate walked into UFC 196 saying that she’d defeat Holly Holm and ruin Ronda Rousey’s chance at redemption. Could she, an ex-Strikeforce champion, throw the UFC’s plans at a mega-rematch between Holly and Ronda? Would Miesha finally get UFC gold?

Yep. Miesha Tate did it. She’s the UFC bantamweight champ and it was a brilliant performance.

Things were intense as they walked out:

The first round featured a lot of range-finding for both fighters, with Holly Holm picking away at Miesha’s defenses as Miesha tried to get within striking distance. As time went on, Holly showed accuracy and better striking, but that doesn’t matter when you’re on your back. Miesha took Holly down and dominated the second round with by taking Holly down, grinding her into the mat with ground and pound, then threatening a very close rear naked choke.

In the third Holly stuffed two of Miesha’s takedowns, and seemed far more aggressive. This is a close as hell fight heading into the fourth, where Holly would stuff more takedowns and finally start putting together combinations…

The fifth round starts off quietly again, and it could be anyone’s fight, UNTIL MIESHA TATE TAKES DOWN HOLLY HOLY, GETS HER BACK, SINKS IN A CHOKE AND PUTS HER TO SLEEP AFTER THE REF MISSES THE TAP.

Ladies and gentleman, Ronda Rousey is PISSED and Miesha Tate is your new UFC bantamweight champion!

This division is completely shook up.