UFC’s Yoel Romero Urged Fans To Not ‘Forget Jesus’ In A Nonsensical Rant

UFC middleweight Yoel “The Soldier of God” Romero defeated Lyoto Machida in the main event of Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 70. During his post-fight interview, the staunchly Catholic fighter had some interesting words to say. It’s a little hard to make out exactly what he said with his thick accent, but here’s a rough approximation:


On the other hand, a few people think he said “no forget Jesus”, which isn’t a direct attack against the national legalization of gay marriage that just happened in the US. So, was it “no for gay Jesus” or “no forget Jesus”? Let us know in the comments what you heard.

*UPDATE: Fox Sports all but confirms what we originally thought.


*UPDATE II: Yoel Romero kinda apologized, though who knows for what at this point.