Bill Hader Joins The ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot As A Mighty Morphin’ Favorite

Getty / Saban Entertainment

Lionsgate’s enormously anticipated film reboot of the childhood-defining Powers Rangers franchise is currently tagged with a March 24, 2017 release date. To maintain fans’ excitement, which first soared sky-high when the project locked in director Dean Israelite last year, the studio has shrouded the production in secrecy, particularly when it came to its high-profile casting. First they announced, one by one, who would be donning those iconic, monochromatic power suits (albeit with a few robotic upgrades). Next came news that Elizabeth Banks would be portraying sinister space-witch Rita Repulsa, then Bryan Cranston’s role as omniscient floating head Zordon was confirmed four months later. Today the (possibly) final piece of the nostalgic puzzle was set into place: Alpha 5, Team Power’s robotic assistant, will be voiced by SNL alum Bill Hader.

The news broke on the film’s official Twitter this evening, featuring a picture of the Documentary Now! star captioned with Alpha’s signature exclamation: Aye-yi-yi! Hader’s unrivaled knack for vocal performance makes him the ideal actor to bring Alpha’s staccato anxieties to life. Considering the film won’t hit theaters until spring, it’s likely the studio still has a couple surprises for fans. Those surprises, however, will very unlikely involve on-screen cameos for the franchise’s original stars.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)