Bryan Cranston Is Playing Your Favorite Floating Head In The ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot

It’s 2017 and the evil sorceress Elizabeth Banks has escaped from an alien capsule that has kept her contained for 10,000 years. A sage, ghostly head that captured Ms. Banks needs four “teenagers with attitude” to bring her back to justice (because he’s just a floating head that can only do so much after all). Who is that head, you ask? Bryan Cranston. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot has officially found its interdimensional mentor. Yeah!

The highly-anticipated reboot of the FOX Kids weird supernatural beat-em-up/mech show is still far from the theaters, but quite a few fun little facts have trickled out. For one, the suits are no longer cloth and are actually much more befitting of a band of teenagers with attitude and the ability to destroy nearly everything in their path. Bryan Cranston as a floating head would never let those kids fight in form fitting suits. Too dangerous, really. Give them armor.

Rita Repulsa also has a much different look. Elizabeth isn’t going to be playing a traditional sorceress, she’s looking far more modern, and evil. Considering the slate is being wiped clean and a huge franchise is (hoped) to come from this, casting Bryan Cranston as an omniscient granter of powers physical and magical seems like a good choice.  He’s seen success and if the reboot blows up his head won’t get too big. Get it? I’m sorry.

The Power Rangers movie is set to release on January 13, 2017.