The Upcoming ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Has Found Its Mighty Morphin Director

Yes, a big summer blockbuster take on Mighty Mophin Power Rangers continues to be a thing that is being made and, in fact, the movie has now locked down a director.

The Putty-kicking production will be helmed by Dean Israelite. Before landing his Power Rangers gig, Israelite directed the time-traveling teens found footage thriller, Project Almanac. So, the Power Rangers are actually kind of in the guy’s wheelhouse. Hopefully the plan isn’t to make the new Rangers movie a found footage thing, because frankly Lord Zed is already off-putting enough.

In addition to Israelite, the Power Rangers movie will be written by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (X-Men: First Class, Thor). In a change since we reported on the movie, Robert Orci will no longer be producing, and has been replaced by Allison Shearmur (the Hunger Games franchise).

I’d say I hope this movie turns out to be good, but then Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was never actually good per se. As long as the movie is 60% Bulk and Skull comedy, and Amy Jo Johnson makes a cameo in her Pink Ranger costume, I’ll be happy.

via Variety