Chris Evans Had A Perfectly Reasonable Response To The ‘Knives Out’ Twitter Account Roasting His MCU Persona

Please enjoy this new Lionsgate-issued image of Chris Evans as Ransom “Trust Fund Playboy” Drysdale from Rian Johnson’s upcoming Knives Out. Yes, that’s right. His name is Ransom Drysdale, like this is a new season of freaking Fargo or something. It’s wonderful, and even though I hope that Edi Patterson ends up being the culprit of this whodunnit, Evans looks like he’s got a few tricks up his scarve sleeve. Ransom is also apparently not a nice person at all, as the Knives Out Twitter account suggested while playing upon the MCU’s pseudo-rebranding of Captain America as “America’s Ass.”

Beyond this new clip — with a tweet that reads, “As far as I’m concerned, that’s America’s ass***e” — that shows Evans kicking away some eager canines upon his arrival at the home base of his eccentric family.

Evans, a noted dog lover, is having none of this. He tweeted an explanation for why those dogs were leaping at him. “Those dogs were amazing and so sweet!” he semi-protested to illustrate why he’s definitely not an a-hole. “I had their toys hidden in my pockets. Nothing was more satisfying than handing them over once they yelled ‘cut.'”

That’s a good enough explanation for me, and this must have been the most difficult acting moment in Evans’ career thus far. Even moreso than the notorious “babies taste best” moment from Snowpiercer. Aaaaand here’s the full poster for Ransom Drysdale, playboy dog hater.


Knives Out arrives in theaters on November 27.