Chris Evans Shines Light On Real-Life Superheroes While Narrating The ‘Superpower Dogs’ Trailer

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, is an outspoken lover and adopter of rescue dogs, so when IMAX needed the perfect narrator for their Superhero Dogs documentary, they knew who to call. Within the doc, Evans pays tribute to the four-legged heroes on Earth who walk among us. As such, he highlights six canines who professionally save lives, including Halo, who Evans calls “destined for greatness” and who works with an elite search and rescue team in Florida. There’s also Reef, who assists the Italian Coast Guard during water rescues, and Ricochet, a therapy dog who helps veterans afflicted with PTSD.

Well, you’ll really need the tissues when the trailer introduces avalanche rescue dog Henry, who director Daniel Ferguson previously described to USA Today as “the James Bond of dogs, dropping in from a helicopter to save people trapped in the snow.” Ferguson added that upon greeting Henry, “Chris was totally seduced. That’s the power that dogs have.” Evans gives Henry a cuddle in the trailer’s final moments while gushing about how much he loves puppies. Sold!

The trailer, of course, also provides glimpses of the soaring IMAX visuals that one has come to expect from the medium. You’ll be able to see all of these incredible dogs, their workspaces, and more, when Superhero Dogs arrives in IMAX theaters throughout Spring 2019.

(Via USA Today)