Finally, At Long Last, The Rock Will Fight Superman (Maybe)

Ever since The Rock took on the role of Black Adam, he’s been asking for one thing: A fight with Superman. Specifically, Henry Cavill’s Superman. (The two share an agent. Hollywood, baby.) However, that’s not been an easy order to fill. Following the box office failure of 2017’s Justice League, Warner Bros. went into panic mode over the state of its DC Comics movies. In the midst of all that, Ben Affleck walked away from his Batman role, and the character was given a separate film universe with Robert Pattinson taking over the Dark Knight in The Batman. Meanwhile, Cavill’s time as Superman appeared to be over through no fault of his own.

However, Affleck’s Batman exit proved to be temporary. He’s already filmed appearances for The Flash and Aquaman 2, which got the drums beating for Cavill to also return as the Man of Steel. Online rumors have been building that he does have a cameo in Black Adam, and in a new interview, The Rock noticeably stops just short of confirming that news. Here’s what he told CinemaBlend after being asked if Black Adam will fight Superman in a movie:

Absolutely. That is the whole point of this man. Thank you for asking that. And I have been saying for some time, there’s a new era in the DC Universe that’s about to begin.

Of course, it should be noted that The Rock never specifically says that Black Adam fights Superman in his debut film. However, building towards that conflict seems to be The Rock’s goal for the film, which would heavily suggest that, at the very least, Cavill’s Superman will appear in an end-credits scene. Or not!

Warner Bros. is in a massive state of flux after merging with Discovery this year, and its DC Comics properties have felt the biggest brunt starting with the drastic cancellation of Batgirl. Cavill is also a busy guy with The Witcher series on Netflix, and he may not want to get caught up in another round of DC Comics drama after his experience with the Zack Snyder films. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Black Adams arrives later this month.

Black Adam starts a new hierarchy of power on October 21, 2022.

(Via CinemaBlend)