Superman Fans Are Freaking Out Over A Report That Henry Cavill Might Announce His Man Of Steel Return At Comic-Con

Henry Cavill quickly started to trend on Wednesday following a report that the actor could announce his return as Superman at the first San Diego Comic-Con event since the pandemic. News of Cavill’s possible appearance was mentioned in passing in a Deadline report on what to expect at the fan convention this weekend, but that was all that it took for Twitter to run wild:

Dwayne Johnson and the Warner Bros theatrical session will serve as Marvel’s opening act earlier in the day, with Black Adam and Shazam: Fury of the Gods getting their much-deserved closeups on the Hall H stage. There’s also buzz that Henry Cavill will put in a surprise appearance to talk up more Superman.

Granted, fans have been down this road many times before, sometimes to Cavill’s (slight) frustration, but that didn’t stop the frenzy from kicking into high gear. Lending credence to the chance of Cavill’s Superman return is the fact that he currently shares an agent with The Rock who has been pushing for a showdown between Black Adam and the Man of Steel for years. With the former about to become a key piece in the DC Comics’ film slate, The Rock has even more leverage than ever.

In addition to The Rock’s dreams of a superhero rumble, there have been reports that executives at the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery have been less than thrilled that a marquee character like Superman has been sitting on the bench. If Cavill truly is making a Comic-Con appearance, it would seem that the studio isn’t wasting any time remedying that mistake.

You can see some of the fan reactions below:

Of course, there has been a contingent of fans who don’t want Cavill to return as Superman unless it’s to star in a Man of Steel 2 directed by Zack Snyder. However, there seems to be even further bad blood between the director and Warner Bros. following a recent report that the studio issued an investigation into an alleged bot campaign that may have inflated the “Release The Snyder Cut” business. There was already a sizable rift between the two parties following the release of Snyder’s director’s cut, and it doesn’t look like that relationship will be mended anytime soon.

(Via Deadline)