The ‘M3GAN’ AMA Has Already Devolved Into Threats Of Violence Against Other Famous Murder Dolls

Over the years, only a select few evil inanimate companions have really made a name for themselves. We’ve got Chucky, your classic, run-of-the-mill evil soul trapped in some polyester overalls. He’s got a knife, which is fun, and he ruled that specific niche horror subgenre for a good twenty-thirty years.

But then Annabelle entered the mix, with her elegant nightgown and cute braids that were much too large for her little possessed head. And for years, this is how society functioned: the two dolls living in harmony. Whenever one got too much of a big head, they would be humbled by another subpar spinoff. They would never really interact, only sometimes referencing each other from a distance. And that’s how it was supposed to be! Things were quiet, nice even….until M3gan came along this year.

If Chucky and Annabelle were the Snapchat starlets, M3gan is the Instagram social media influencer of your haunted doll dreams. She gossips, sings, murders in cold blood, and even has a dance routine that has been replicated all over the world (it’s been a slow week). And she knows it! To celebrate her continued success, M3gan decided to do a Reddit AMA. Not to be mean, but Chucky has not done one of those yet, which is probably for the best.

Most of the questions revolved around the haunted dolls that came before her, which M3gan is not a fan of. She, after all, is a robot, not a doll, so she has the power of computers on her side. She might even be a descendant of R2D2, we will never really know. But one thing is for sure: she does not want to be associated with those other guys.

When asked about her thoughts on Chucky, M3gan, seemingly with no media training whatsoever, called out the little guy:

like many middle aged white males whose souls are stuck in the body of an 80s toy, chucky has trouble accepting that technology has come a long way and i’ve been created to rid the waste of anyone who gets in the way or is a threat to my besties

When Gen Z robots don’t use capitalization, that’s how you know they are serious!

M3gan also doesn’t really think that Annabelle should get a pass either, even though she doesn’t really move or do stuff besides look scary. According to M3gan: “Annabelle never moves, so i wouldn’t have to really lift a finger against her and chucky is old, so i’d just go right for his pacemaker.”

As for who she does like, M3gan has a soft spot for chaotic women: “Lydia tár’s beautiful, talented and completely unhinged. what’s not to like?” It’s so nice seeing women celebrate each other instead of tearing each other down. THIS IS CINEMA!!