There’s Another ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ Remake On The Way And This One Boasts Michael B. Jordan

Would you like to see Hollywood’s third crack at The Thomas Crown Affair? Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t answer just yet. Would you like to see Hollywood’s third crack at The Thomas Crown Affair WITH Michael B. Jordan attached? Now, that doesn’t too shabby, does it?

The Hollywood Reporter says MGM are looking to the man that helped them make a lot of money with Creed to do the same with the 2010s go-around of The Thomas Crown Affair. Originally a 1968 Steve McQueen/Faye Dunaway heist film from Norman Jewison and later a lucrative 1999 remake with a Pierce Brosnan/Rene Russo pairing, this new offering was actually pitched by Jordan himself. MGM dug the pitch and the two parties agreed to make the motion picture happen. Who says no to Michael B. Jordan as a gentleman thief? Nobody. That’s a winning proposition.

So who’s directing this remake we didn’t know we wanted until now? That hasn’t been sorted out just yet. Same goes for the screenwriter. The project is considered to still be in a relatively embryonic state at the moment, but the studio’s reteaming with Jordan (who seems to have survived the bomb Fantastic Four okay) suggests that MGM is pretty keen on forming a steady partnership with the rising star. What’s not to like?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)