Why Aren’t We Talking About Michael B. Jordan And Harrison Ford Getting Oscar Nominations?

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01.06.16 18 Comments
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For weeks now, I’ve read time after time after time what a hard shoot The Revenant turned out to be. Did you know Leonardo DiCaprio ate raw meat? Well, he did. I am not sure how this information translates into winning an Oscar, but someone out there sure thinks it might do the trick. To be fair, from most accounts, it doesn’t sound like shooting the film was a pleasant experience. (Though, I’m not sure the whole “I went to my job and I didn’t have a good time” strategy is going to play well with the overwhelming majority of human beings. If this is the only qualification for an Oscar, I’m sure there are some people down at the Chrysler plant who feel they should win Oscars, too.)

Anyway, yes, we get it: Filming The Revenant wasn’t fun. But here’s something that didn’t happen to Leonardo DiCaprio while filming The Revenant: He didn’t get knocked out after being punched in the face. Twice.

Oh, DiCaprio also didn’t break his leg, recover, then finish filming one of the most financially successful movies of all time.

If we are having a “hurt off,” I’m going to side with Michael B. Jordan and Harrison Ford every time over DiCaprio. Now, putting all that aside (because this isn’t a “hurt off,” a lot of movies can be hard), I’m not saying DiCaprio doesn’t deserve an Oscar nomination. But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why we aren’t talking more about Jordan and Ford also receiving nominations … because they both should.

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