When Will Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizon’ Be Available To Watch At Home?

Kevin Costner put a lot of his hard-earned Yellowstone money into making Horizon: An American Saga, so even though it fell flat at the box office, he’s confident he’ll find his audience elsewhere. And that might end up being at home.

Horizon: An American Saga Part 1 hit theaters on June 28th and the western epic will be available to rent or purchase on demand next Monday, July 15th through online retailers (including Amazon) starting at 9 pm PST.

It might seem like a short window (because it is) but Costner has made it clear that he doesn’t really care if you see this movie or not. Just the act of making it was enough for him!

In May, Costner didn’t seem to mind where or when audiences found his movie, long as they watch it eventually (or against their will). He explained to Deadline, “A lot of people that like my movies, they can’t get to a theater, and they’re waiting for that moment. You can’t make your film for the opening weekend. You have to make it for its life. So I’ll go to Cannes, it’s a great honor, then do Jimmy Kimmel, and then I’ll fly to my set and start directing.”

Having the film available online could give the movie enough momentum for folks to head to the theaters for Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2 which opens on August 16. Unfortunately, Costner will have to battle the xenomorphs as Alien: Romulus opens the same day. The Cowboys and Aliens era is back!