When Will ‘The Bikeriders’ Be In Theaters And On Streaming?

The Bikeriders almost got pulled from zooming into theaters this summer, but fortunately, the cinematic stars aligned — courtesy of Focus Features and Universal Pictures — to propel the star-studded biker drama into theaters on June 21.

The project should be a blast, too. Tom Hardy will be doing a Brando voice in a Jeff Nichols-directed movie that looks like Martin Scorsese had a lovechild with Kurt Sutter’sSons of Anarchy. In other words, you will soon be able to see Hardy and Austin Butler roaring across highways and cornfields and through cities on bikes and tossing punches. Norman Reed’s will also be there, looking rougher than The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon after not bathing for years. Good times.

If you are looking forward to this film, we encourage you to head to theaters to see the adaptation of photojournalist Danny Lyon’s iconic black-and-white photo book, as compiled after he embedded with a real-life 1960s biker club. Yet if you are in a streaming frame of mind, that will eventually happen, too.

When Will The Bikeriders Be On Streaming?

This movie will surely hit the VOD circuit near the conclusion of its theatrical run, but streaming is on the horizon, too. Since it’s a Universal Pictures-distributed movie, that means that the movie will stream first on Peacock. A precise date hasn’t been announced, but if it follows the Oppenheimer pattern (about six months), that would put the movie on Peacock in the late fall. In other words, if you are jonesing for some biker action — also co-starring Boyd Holbrook, Michael Shannon, Damon Herriman, Karl Glusman, Beau Knapp, Mike Fast, Toby Wallace, and Happy Anderson — ride into theaters on June 21.