Who Is Jason Momoa’s ‘Fast X’ Villain?

After a certain amount of movies in a franchise, you might think they would run out of various storylines by number 10, but the Fast and the Furious is keeping you on your toes with Fast X. The upcoming installment will race into theaters in May, and now that we have seen that explosive trailer, we have a feel for what’s going on in the wild world of street racing. But more importantly, we have Jason Momoa.

Momoa has been hyping up his Fast villain for several months, and now we have finally been introduced to Dante, the son of drug kingpin Hernan Reyes who we last saw being murdered by Hobbs in Fast Five. Now, over a decade later, Dante is ready to get his revenge against Dom and his crew, and he’s willing to lick a bunch of bloody knives and blow up Rome in the process.

Dante has been described by director Louis Leterrier as “100% Momoa” meaning he is a larger-than-life personality with a great head of hair. Last year, Momoa explained that Dante is different than most characters he is used to portraying. “[Dante] is very sadistic and androgynous and he’s a bit of a peacock,” Momoa told Variety last summer. “He’s got a lot of issues, this guy. He’s definitely got some daddy issues.” He’s looking to solve those issues by killing Dom, who now has a family and kids! Time flies when you have over two decades worth of these movies to watch.

Fast X won’t be the final installment in the franchise, so it’s possible that Momoa will have so much fun playing the bad guy that he makes it out of this one alive and returns for the next movie. Although now that he cut his hair, he might not be as daunting as Dante.

Fast X opens on May 19.