DC’s Chief Is Making It Clear That They Have ‘No Plans For Additional Work’ With Zack Snyder

DC Comics is making it clear that the “SnyderVerse” had its day with the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and now, the comics giant is moving on to other projects. During an appearance at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee gave a diplomatic statement on Warner Bros. not expanding the storylines that were set up in the “Snyder Cut” despite the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse campaign that sprang up immediately after the film debuted on HBO Max.

“I work on the projects that are in development. And so, I think the Snyder Cut was Zack’s vision realized, and it was a really satisfying story told, but there’s no plans for additional work on that material,” Lee said via CBR. “So, I was happy to help contribute to the pitch for the other stuff, and it was kind of fun to actually see that stuff get out there, ’cause I did that years ago. I actually thought it had been erased, but they had kept it in storage.”

Of course, this stance doesn’t come as a total surprise. Shortly after the Snyder Cut release, the director started making pointed comments that hinted at tensions with Warner Bros. According to Snyder, the studio passed on a third 300 film that he wrote during the pandemic because “they’re not huge fans of mine.” Sensing he wasn’t wanted, Snyder set up shop at Netflix where he’s currently at work on Rebel Moon, an original sci-project that started out as a pitch for a standalone Star Wars movie.

However, just this week, the bad blood between Snyder and Warner Bros. came into more focus due to a Rolling Stone report that detailed how the studio launched an investigation into the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign after having concerns about its authenticity. Warner Bros. execs were also reportedly targeted by overly aggressive Snyder fans who went so far to review bomb Godzilla vs. Kong for stealing the Snyder Cut’s thunder. Judging by Lee’s Comic-Con statement, Warner Bros. and DC probably aren’t looking to go through any of that again.

(Via CBR)