2 Chainz Cleared The Air On Voting Rights For Former Inmates With His ‘When We All Vote’ Message

2 Chainz has been fairly busy this weekend. Kicking things off Thursday night, the Atlanta rapper was joined by Rick Ross for a Verzuz battle. The following night, 2 Chainz shared his “Money Maker” single with Lil Wayne, signaling that his Collegrove 2 effort with is, indeed, nearing an arrival. Closing his productive weekend, 2 Chainz officially joined Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote nonpartisan initiative with a message directed at the formerly incarcerated.

In his two-and-a-half-minute message, 2 Chainz urged former inmates to look into laws in their respective states and confirm whether or not they are able to vote in this upcoming election. It’s an effort to clear up a misconception in some cases that former inmates are no longer able to vote following their convictions. In the statement, 2 Chainz lists the main things that are the deciding factors for whether or not a former inmate will be able to participate in an election. While voting rights differ from state to state, 2 Chainz mentions that in most states, ex-inmates will have their rights restored following their release from prison. If ex-inmates see that they do qualify to vote, the rapper urged them to register if they have not in order to participate in the upcoming election.

2 Chainz’s message comes after Snoop Dogg revealed in an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood he never voted simply because he was unaware that he could. “I ain’t never voted a day in my life, but this year I think I’m a get out and vote ’cause I can’t stand to see this punk in office,” he said. “For many years, they had me brainwashed thinking that you couldn’t vote because you had a criminal record. I didn’t know that. My record’s been expunged. So now I can vote.”

Listen to 2 Chainz’s message in the video above.