50 Cent Promises To Lift Ja Rule’s Timberwolves ‘Curse’ As His First Order Of Business Now That He’s A Partner Of The Team

To paraphrase the words of “Tomorrow 2” rapper Cardi B, once someone has beef with her, they are going to beef forever. This is a motto that 50 Cent lives by to this day. After visiting the Target Arena to celebrate his spirits company, Sire Spirits, closing a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves, he couldn’t help but throw in a jab at his longtime rival, Ja Rule.

As the musician walked through the office, he joked with the Timberwolves staff mentioning his foe’s 2019 halftime performance for the team that didn’t garner much crowd participation.

“We had a curse! Somebody f*cked up, and they let Ja Rule perform at halftime,” 50 said before adding, “Now, what we’re gonna do is take the curse off!”

To add insult to injury, in the video uploaded to the rapper’s Instagram page, he took a few creative liberties to insert the clip of Ja’s performance onto one of the T-Wolves staff member’s computer screens including the audio of a joke former pro-athlete and Undisputed sports commentator Shannon Sharpe saying, “Skip, this might be worse than Fyre Festival.”

Once, again, 50 Cent proves that he’s not above taking jabs at anyone.

Watch the full clip above.

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