Ja Rule Thinks Hip-Hop Music May Have Influenced Ja Morant After His Gun Video Led To An NBA Suspension

Recently, Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley said that rap music may have had something to do with a video that surfaced earlier this month and showed Memphis Grizzlies all-star Ja Morant flashing a gun. Beverley said, “I think it’s the music, man. I ain’t bashing the music ’cause I’m listening to that sh*t, too. […] It’s not part of my life. It’s a part of a lot of people I know, though, so I can relate. ‘My homie used to do that, my homie got locked up for doing that, or my homie in jail for doing that or my homie died from doing that.’”

Then, when speaking with Ja Rule, a TMZ interviewer mentioned what Beverley said and asked if there was any validity to it. Rule responded, “I’m sure there is.”

He continued, “Hip-hop is very influential. I’ve done things in my youth because of hip-hop, you know? Redman made “How To Roll A Blunt,” we started smoking blunts! Snoop made “Gin & Juice,” we started drinking gin and juice! So hip-hop is very influential, I’m not going to say it’s not. How far people take it is what it is, but the thing with Ja… I just hope he has better people around him to just let him know that ain’t the way. ‘Go play ball, man. Do you, man. The streets ain’t about nothing, man.'”

Rule concluded, “We all make mistakes, man. I made plenty when I was young. So, it happens. People gotta get up off him right now and let him do his healing process, come back, and ball out.”