Petty King 50 Cent Goes After An Embezzler’s House After Winning A Lawsuit Against Him

Last year, 50 Cent said he’s spent over $20 million in legal fees since 2003. So you’ll forgive him for being a little petty anytime he gets a win. If you spent over a million bucks a year fighting court cases for twenty years, you’d probably want a little payback too.

In one of his most recent cases, 50 sued and defeated a former employee of his Sire Spirits company after the man embezzled over $2 million from it. While working for 50, Mitchell Green had reportedly sold $150 bottles of Le Chemin du Roi champagne to wholesalers at inflated prices, then pocketed the extra under the guise of “agency fees.”

Of course, 50 has never been one to take any slight lying down, so he sued Green (after firing him, of course) in 2021, winning $6,194,293 including interest, attorney’s fees, and arbitrator compensation in an October judgment. Green tried to have the award vacated last June, failed, and the court added $89,305.50 in attorney’s fees last November.

Earlier this month, 50 was granted permission to seize Green’s properties as compensation, including his home, cars, and various bank accounts. On Instagram, he gleefully encouraged Green to vacate while detailing some devious plans for the place. “I think i’m gonna put Epoxy floors in this place,” he wrote. “I’m gonna keep it and his family pictures around, you know as a theme for the place. LOL.” Again: Do not mess with 50.

And while he’s got this victory under his belt, he’s still got a few more legal issues under dispute. He recently settled a lawsuit with The Shade Room over penis enlargement claims — although he’s continuing his suit against the surgeon who originated them — and he’s currently mixing it up with rival liquor brand Remy Martin. At least he’s got money coming in to help him fight those cases.