Aminé And Kaytranada Will Get Their Funk On As ‘Kaytraminé’ On Their Upcoming Project

Today, in “Yes please, I would like that, right now” news: Aminé and Kaytranada are doing an album together. It’s apparently called, fittingly, Kaytraminé, and this writer is rightly having a bit of a meltdown knowing that it’s “coming soon” and not “already out.” So far, all the information we have is this trailer video, which sees Kaytra manipulating a midi controller with each trigger pad set for a different syllable in each artist’s name. He presses them in order to create their individual names before combining them into the portmanteau. Then, a little clip of music plays and I want it right now, please and thank you.

It’s the first new project Aminé has announced since the Portland rapper released TwoPointFive back in November 2021. That album was a placeholder mixtape between the release of Limbo and Aminé’s eventual third studio album. Whether this project with Kaytranada will be a side project or that third album remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Kaytranada has been much more visible lately despite his relatively quiet position behind the boards. He’s been producing for a number of rising stars in the industry, including Ravyn Lenae, Joyce Wrice, and PinkPantheress. Additionally, IDK teased a second installment of his Simple joint project with Kaytra in November. There’s plenty to look forward to from the prolific producer, so stay tuned.