André 3000 And Sexyy Red Confess To Running Off Of ‘Hater Fuel’ In A Teaser Clip Of ‘The Shop’

The next episode of LeBron James‘ unscripted show, The Shop, is nearly here. Each episode sets to match unlikely pairs for a deeply introspective chat about life, business, and more. For the forthcoming video, the seemingly unlikely duo is André 3000 and Sexyy Red.

However, in the teaser clip of the episode shared online today (July 9), André 3000 and Sexyy Red revealed they have a lot more in common than others may think. Outside of the obvious (being rappers), both confessed to being motivated by negative remarks and public ridicule.

“Like, they still don’t believe in me,” said Sexyy Red. “So, I just be like, ‘Imma just show you I am.’ Like he said, ‘They don’t understand.’ We really came from nothing, and then we be making a big achievements. That’s something for us. But they just be like, ‘You ain’t doing nothing.'”

“Use it for fuel,” added André. “Hater fuel is the best sh*t man. It’s free energy.”

“I like when they talk about me,” chimed Sexyy.

André echoed Sexyy’s response. “That make me go, it makes me go in. I love when someone doubt you.”

“Because now I’m finna show you something,” closed Sexyy.

Watch the full promotional clip of André 3000 and Sexyy Red’s upcoming appearance on The Shop below.

The full episode is scheduled to be shared to The Shop’s official YouTube channel on July 11. Find more information here.