Sexyy Red’s Surprisingly Patriotic ‘F My Baby Dad’ Video With Chief Keef Continues Her Campaign To ‘Make America Sexyy Again’

Sexyy Red wants your vote in her long-awaited video for “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad)” with Chief Keef. It IS an election year, after all, and Big Sexyy takes advantage of the convenient timing to continue her campaign to “Make America Sexyy Again” with a campaign ad opening the video, advertising “F My Baby Dad” booty shorts and making some outlandish promises like “free food stamps,” “child support,” and “switches for the Glocks.” Never change, Sexyy. Never change.

Midway through the video, the previously teased Maury homage, Corry, kicks in, with interviews from Sexyy and Keef, who is accused of being the baby daddy in question. The lower thirds are absolutely hilarious throughout Keef’s verse, wondering if the results can be revealed as long as he keeps rapping and cheering Sexyy on as she gyrates across the stage — and on Keef’s lap.

Despite borrowing Donald Trump’s catchphrase for her album rollout, Sexyy distanced herself from the controversial businessman-turned-politician in response to some backlash online. “It’s Sexyy Red 4 President,” she told fans on Twitter. “I’m my own candidate I’m not endorsing anybody period.” However, that would appear to contradict her earlier (possibly facetious) statement about how much the hood loves Trump.

You can watch Sexyy Red’s “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad)” video with Chief Keef above.