Are Central Cee And Ice Spice Dating?

Ice Spice’s 2024 BET Awards performance generated headlines, but it hasn’t taken long for people to shift from reacting to her public performance to speculating about her private life. Ice Spice had been linked to Lil Tjay, but she has been spotted with a different rapper.

Are Central Cee And Ice Spice Dating?

According to several social media accounts, such as Pop Crave and DJ Akademiks, Central Cee and Ice Spice were recently together in London for what appears to be an innocent shopping spree. Of course, when you’re famous rappers in your early-to-mid twenties, hanging out publicly is done at the risk of reckless speculation, as is the case here.

To answer the question, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Central Cee and Ice Spice are dating — and it is kind of antiquated to assume that a man and woman are romantically involved just because they’re hanging out — but it is within the vast realm of possibilities that they are.

In April, Ice Spice posted Instagram photos from a presumed studio session with Central Cee. The two also spoke highly of each other within Ice Spice’s Complex cover story last fall.

“We’ve become good friends over the past year ever since he hopped on ‘Munch [Remix],'” Ice Spice said, “but we’re gonna drop something new and exciting when we’re ready.”

Central Cee added, “She reminds me of me a bit. She’s just cool innit. Humble, down to earth, don’t really care too much about the shiny stuff; but also knows how to play the game. And you can hear that in the music, and see that in the moves that she makes, and I appreciate that because some people don’t really know what they’re doing, and they take it for granted or they don’t take the opportunity and run with it, but she’s really running with it right now.”

To that point, Ice Spice is about to embark on her Y2K World Tour this week in the lead up to her Y2K album release on July 26.