Beyonce’s Fans Can’t Tell If She’s Trolling Or Teasing Them About Her Long-Awaited Seventh Album

The last time that Beyonce dropped a solo album was back in 2017 with her sixth release Lemonade. Since then, fans have received The Carters’ Everything Is Love album, some loose singles (mostly tied to movies like King Richard), and her The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack. Still, her extremely faithful Beyhive fanbase is exercising as much patience as possible as they wait for album No. 7. Beyonce recently wiped her social media accounts clean, leading fans to believe that the album was finally on the way, but after some new moves from the singer, they’re not too sure now.

Beyonce website 7/11/22 B7 tease

A day after Beyonce wiped her social media accounts clean, fans notice that a placeholder for her seventh album shows up on her website when “June 11” is searched on the website. Future searches of “June 11,” bring up three results: “B7,” B8,” and “What’s a B7?” As a result, fans couldn’t tell if the singer was truly teasing the upcoming release of her seventh album or just trolling them for thinking it was on the way.

If Beyonce is trolling them, it would be similar to what Rihanna has done to her fans over the last couple of years. Rihanna once said that she “lost” her long-awaited ninth album, and after that, she trolled a lookalike by asking about her upcoming album.

You can view tweets from fans who think Beyonce is teasing or trolling about her next album below.