Big Sean Shares His First Preview Of ‘Detroit 2’ With The Nipsey Hussle Collaboration ‘Deep Reverence’

Big Sean have been keeping fans at bay for new music ever since he announced he was back “in album mode” on his “Overtime” single over a year ago. On Monday, the rapper served up some exciting news — his album, Detroit 2, is finished and it arrives in less than two weeks. Just a few hours after sharing the big news, Sean decided to appease fans by previewing the record with his Nipsey Hussle collaboration, “Deep Reverence.”

It seems as though the decision to drop the single was a response to pressure from fans. “The world needs to hear n feel Nipsey presence!” the rapper wrote on Twitter.

Ahead of “Deep Reverence” and his album announcement, Sean took to Instagram to offer up some advice on how he’s been able to stay level headed:

“I talk about being aggressively happy. That’s one of the things that I’ve been working on every day, is to feel good. Whatever it takes, you know, because the best things happen to you when you feel good and when you attract it, and it’s because what you’re putting out there is what you’re going to get back from this ever-giving universe. It’s law, really. If you’re attracting bitterness, or in my case, I had a lot of anxiety and depression and all those type of things that put the craziest ideas in my head and made me feel like I wasn’t worth it. But not only am I worth it, I’m in control of my feelings. Unless I give somebody else or something else that power, I’m in control of my feelings. Nobody else. When you are at your lowest, the quickest relief you can give yourself is to count your blessings, show gratitude. Because guess what? If you’re here, you got blessings.”

Listen to “Deep Reverence” above.

Detroit 2 is out 9/4 via GOOD Music/Def Jam. Pre-order it here.

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. .