Big Sean Celebrates His Birthday By Announcing His Fifth Album, ‘Detroit 2’

Big Sean has been teasing the beginning of a new era ever since announcing that he’s back “in album mode” on his “Overtime” single last July. The rapper has kept fans at bay ever since. Now, Big Sean has confirmed the rumor to be true by taking time on his birthday to announce his upcoming album.

In celebration of his 32nd birthday, Big Sean debuted an album trailer. Announcing his fifth studio record, Detroit 2, the trailer includes snippets of several of the rapper’s upcoming tracks. Poised as a love letter to his Detroit hometown, the trailer depicts all that his city has to offer. While the exact release date of Detroit 2 has yet to be revealed, more details are sure to come.

Ahead of the Detroit 2 announcement, Big Sean explained why musicians oftentimes beef with their labels in an interview on Hot Ones: “I think musicians are expressive, too,” he said. “We have the voice… That’s what we do: We express ourselves. We’ll go on rants. Our heart is wide open. I make music to hopefully inspire people, to help them get through something — or to get to the next level, to get to that better version of themselves. I can see why artists — especially musicians — are passionate and talk they sh*t, to get it off their chest.”

Watch Big Sean’s video announcement above, and revisit Uproxx’s Detroit 2 primer here.