Big Sean Has Revealed The Release Date For His Anticipated ‘Detroit 2’ Album

In March, Big Sean celebrated his birthday by announcing his upcoming album, Detroit 2. Now, months later, he has revealed just when that project will be released: Detroit 2 is coming on September 4 via GOOD Music and Def Jam.

This comes hours after Sean shared some photos of himself in the studio to tease the near-completion of the record, writing alongside his gallery, “I feel nothing but happy! Finally done recording #D2. Time for mixing.” He then noticed that sellers online quickly started selling unauthorized versions of the Detroit 2 shirt he was wearing in the photos and called them out, writing, “Aye people bootlegged these shirts in 30 mins lol. 4real. I’m a work on getting the real ones to y’all tomorrow, don’t buy sh*t that ain’t come from me or my site #D2.”

Last night, he also took to his Instagram Story to share how he has been on an emotional level, saying in a video, “I talk about being aggressively happy. That’s one of the things that I’ve been working on every day, is to feel good. Whatever it takes, you know, because the best things happen to you when you feel good and when you attract it, and it’s because what you’re putting out there is what you’re going to get back from this ever-giving universe. It’s law, really. If you’re attracting bitterness, or in my case, I had a lot of anxiety and depression and all those type of things that put the craziest ideas in my head and made me feel like I wasn’t worth it. But not only am I worth it, I’m in control of my feelings. Unless I give somebody else or something else that power, I’m in control of my feelings. Nobody else. When you are at your lowest, the quickest relief you can give yourself is to count your blessings, show gratitude. Because guess what? If you’re here, you got blessings.”

Detroit 2 is out 9/4 via GOOD Music/Def Jam.