Cardi B And Offset Shot A Valentine’s Day-Themed McDonald’s Commercial For Super Bowl Sunday

Cardi B is making her second appearance in a Super Bowl commercial and this time, she’s bringing her husband Offset along with her. The pair has always been very publicly romantic, sharing a wealth of videos and photos about their daily life and giving each other extravagant gifts, so it’s only right that the commercial in question is Valentine’s Day-themed, according to TMZ. They shot the ad over the holidays with a small crew, but according to TMZ’s infamous and eerily accurate sources, the scale will go much bigger by the time the spot airs on Super Bowl Sunday.

They also didn’t bring their kids along, so the ad is expected to be more romantic in nature than family-oriented (although it is for McDonald’s and will air during the biggest sporting event of the yea, so it probably won’t be as risque as some of their couples content). The timing of the ad’s air date is also quite opportune, given that the Super Bowl will take place just two days before Valentine’s Day on February 12.

As noted by TMZ, it was at the Super Bowl in 2017 that Cardi and Offset first went public as a couple, making this something of a full-circle moment for them. Cardi also starred in her first Super Bowl ad in 2019, after her song “I Like It” was used to promote Pepsi alongside Lil Jon, Steve Carrell, and more.