Offset Gave Cardi B Some Extravagant Valentine’s Day Presents, Including A $375,000 Watch

Although the early days of Cardi B and Offset’s marriage were pretty rocky, the couple has seemingly settled into their married life and appears to be flourishing — at least in the “extravagant holiday gifts” department. This week’s Valentine’s Day was no different, with Offset pulling out all the stops to shower his wife with gifts, which included not just one but six Chanel bags and an Audemars Piguet watch that retails for $375,000. Offset sent Cardi on a scavenger hunt to find the bags, then presented her the watch at dinner.

Cardi posted about the gifts on her social media just days after the latest episode of her Facebook Watch show Cardi Tries depicted the couple giving each other matching tattoos to commemorate their wedding day. Initially, the episode was to focus on Cardi giving the tattoo to Offset (with the guidance of a trained and licensed professional) but when Offset suggested giving one to her as well, she was all-in.

This was a far cry from 18 months ago, when the two were preparing to get divorced. Instead, they reconciled and have appeared to be stronger as a couple than ever, with Cardi defending Offset from accusations of infidelity as the two trade more and more expensive gifts with each major milestone.