Chris Stapleton’s Golden New Song ‘Broken Halos’ Proves His Staying Power

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The follow-up to Chris Stapleton’s thundering breakout solo record Traveller is well on its way, and after performing new music at the CMAs and officially sharing the album title, From A Room, Volume 1, he’s back with another new track off the record.

“Broken Halos” is a slow-burning, mid-tempo song about being washed up, or rather, being an angel who finished their assignment and moved on. It is absolutely in line with the sound he established on Traveller and doesn’t lean into commercial country sound in any way. It sounds like From A Room, Volume 1 — and it’s soon-to-be-released companion, Volume 2 — will not be departures for Stapleton at all.

His first new song, “Second One To Know” was a bit more raucous than this song, evoking more of a southern rock feel than perhaps anything on his solo debut, but “Broken Halos” proves that the entire record won’t be a banger. Another welcome addition on this new song is backing harmonies from his wife Morgane, who is a force on his own right and often collaborates with her husband on music. Listen below and look for the new album out this May.

From A Room, Volume 1 is out 5/5 via Mercury Recordings. Pre-order it here.