Conway The Machine Cleared Up His Prior Comments About His Griselda Contract: ‘Nobody Owes Me A Penny’

Buffalo rapper Conway The Machine is making an effort to clean up a narrative he accidentally started last year when he said he wanted a “redo” on signing his contract with his brother Westside Gunn’s record label, Griselda. He credited his change of heart to not reading his contract initially, claiming that it was unfairly weighted toward Griselda; the comments capped a near-year-long stretch of rumors and speculation by fans that he was discontent and leaving the label.

In a more recent interview with My Expert Opinion podcast host Math Hoffa, he refuted those rumors and took accountability for his remarks. “It wasn’t nothing there, it just looked like it on the surface,” he said. “I think fans just ran with certain dickhead shit I done said and did in interviews. Certain fan theories that just led to the assumption that them boys is fighting and at odds… Honestly, I operated out of my feelings.”

He also asserted that his dealings with both Griselda and Shady Records were entirely “on the up-and-up.” “I want to just be very clear: nobody owes me a penny, nobody stole nothing from me,” he elaborated. “West and them, Shady Records, nobody, all my business was on the up and up. When I was saying in The Breakfast Club interview, how I didn’t read the contract and all that sh*t, it wasn’t coming from a place of idiocy. It was out of [loyalty] that I didn’t read that sh*t. That’s my brother. I ain’t gotta read nothin.’ I know we good. That’s what that was.”

During that prior interview, Conway said, “I didn’t even read that contract, bro. I didn’t read that shi*t. I just signed that sh*t and moved on. Unfortunately, the contract wasn’t in my favor. So now, going forward, it’s time to redo all that. I gotta make sure it’s in my favor now.” To that end, he’s since returned to releasing music independently under his Drumwork Music Group banner, including God Don’t Make Mistakes, La Maquina, and From King To A God, as well as supporting artists such as Action Bronson, 7xvthegenius, and Jae Skeese.

You can watch the full interview below.