Doja Cat Warns That ‘Bad News’ Might Be Coming Soon After She Had Surgery On Her Tonsils

Earlier this year, The Weeknd announced the After Hours Til Dawn tour alongside Doja Cat. While The Weeknd is set to bring his most recent albums After Hours and Dawn FM to stadiums all across the country. As for Doja Cat, the tour, which kicks off in July, will allow her to bring Planet Her to more fans around the United States. While her Coachella set made fans even more excited for the tour, other instances like Doja announcing her retirement made some doubtful about it. Doja later clarified that she would not walk away without fulfilling her current obligations. Despite that, it seems like something else could interrupt her future plans.

On Thursday evening, Doja took to Twitter to share that she underwent a surgical procedure. “Dr. just had to cut into my left tonsil,” she wrote. “I had an abscess in it. my whole throat is f*cked so i might have some bad news for yall coming soon.” The bad news could be tied to the upcoming tour which is set to begin in seven weeks, but Doja did not reveal what the procedure means for her future performances.

In additional tweets, Doja went into extreme detail about the procedure before sharing her plans to remove her tonsils “for sure very soon.” She also noted that she plans on “quitting the vape for a while,” which is definitely a good post-surgery decision. “Then its like imagine all that [weird] poisonous shit in the vape seeping into the completely open wound in my throat like fuck that,” she wrote in another tweet. “Im hella young.”

Doja went on about her struggle to stop vaping after a fan told her to “throw the vape away.” “I was literally staring at my vape today that normally i’d hit a thousand times a day and hit it two times instead,” she wrote. “I’ma try to go cold turkey for now but hopefully my brain doesn’t need it at all by then.” She later thanked fans for their support, adding, “Yall bout to make me cry with all the reassurance. i appreciate it. thanks for being supportive. i love you.”

You can view some more tweets from Doja below.