Doja Cat’s Website Has Been Redesigned As A 16-Bit Video Game World

Doja Cat has made it no secret that there are times she’d prefer to skive off her duties as an internationally renowned pop-rap star in order to play video games all day — and with her recent throat surgery, she probably gets to do just that. While that might be a little disappointing for her fans, she recently made a big update to her website that combines both interests and just might offer a comforting consolation as they await her return to recording, releasing, and performing new music.

Fans checking out Doja’s website now get to explore a video game version of the world from Planet Her, complete with a cutesy, pixel avatar of Doja herself in one of three outfits from the album’s release cycle — including the hilarious caterpillar outfit from her 2021 VMAs hosting gig. Navigating the usual music site staples — videos, tours, merch, etc. — involves maneuvering your tiny animated Doja Cat through a Pokemon-esque city and entering different buildings with the respective signs out front. While there aren’t any truly video game-y elements (y’know, like platforming, fighting enemies, or trying to reach a goal), it’s a fun take, combining Doja’s hobby and her career while making the wait for her comeback more manageable.

Interestingly, Doja actually has another game coming out this year as she is being added to the popular social game House Party with her own unique storyline. That’s out in Fall 2022. In the meantime, you can check out to play around on Planet Her. You’ll need a password to get in, which you can get by joining her mailing list — although, if you poke around enough on social media, someone’s bound to have shared it by now.