It Turns Out Donald Glover Won’t Be Retiring Childish Gambino After All — And New Music Is On The Way

For years, Donald Glover worked to keep his music work distinct from his other endeavors thanks to the Childish Gambino persona. However, now that he’s more successful in both worlds than probably even he dreamed, the line has become blurred and he’s hinted at retiring the internet-generated name, even going as far as having a farewell show in Los Angeles a few years ago. While he’s since hinted at resurrecting the name, this week, he gave the first outright confirmation that Childish Gambino is coming back.

While on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards last night (Tuesday, January 10), Glover told E! News’ correspondent Laverne Cox, “I’m making music right now, I love it. I’m actually working, I’m in the studio. I’ve been bringing people in, like secret people, working on little things. But I just been, you know, making it for fun right now. But soon something will happen, I promise. Something will happen.” Regarding the past comments he’d made about retiring his alter ego, he admitted, “You don’t have to worry about that … He’ll be back.”

It’s likely that he’s backtracking now due to an abundance of free time now that his critically acclaimed show Atlanta has come to an end. And while he’s likely still got plenty to do while developing projects like a Mr. And Mrs. Smith series and playing Hypno Hustler in a Spider-Man spinoff, it’s clear the music bug has bitten him all over again. Hopefully, we’ll see what he’s been working on soon enough.