Earthgang’s ‘All Eyes On Me’ Is An Ode Shining And Overcoming All Obstacles

At long last, Earthgang will share their second album Ghetto Gods at the end of the month. It’s a project that the Atlanta duo has teased for more than a year now. They originally said it would drop last spring, on the same day as J. Cole’s The Off-Season, but that day came and went without the project. While that might’ve been a disappointment to fans, Earthgang did a great job sharing tracks along the way to numb the wait. Their latest release, “All Eyes On Me,” serves as their latest example of that.

The track finds the duo acknowledging the many eyes that might be on them as both successful musicians and Black men in America. Earthgang also takes a moment to celebrate those who pushed past their respective struggles and came out on top. Prior to releasing the new single, Earthgang shared a message about “All Eyes On Me” on social media. “In this world, black men are targets, political targets, physical targets, always criticized and judged by their appearance, the chains, the money, the skin,” they wrote. “All eyes are on us yet we still shine.”

Last month, Earthgang released “American Horror Story.” The track is carried by a woozy, somber sample as the duo detailed some of the most shocking aspects of American history from as far back as slavery to as recent as the “tiki torch” rallies of white nationalist groups. Together, “American Horror Story” and “All Eyes On Me” provide great previews of what’s to come on Ghetto Gods.

You can listen to “All Eyes On Me” in the video above.

Ghetto Gods is out 1/28 via Dreamville/Interscope.