Earthgang Reveals The Title Of Their Next Album And Whether They’re Really Dropping The Same Day As J. Cole

Stopping by New York’s The Breakfast Club radio show, genre-bending Atlanta duo Earthgang reflected on their past year and teased the upcoming followup to their 2019 debut album, Mirrorland. In 2020, not only did they continue to promote Mirrorland with a string of trippy animated music videos, but they also participated in the collective Spillage Village album Spilligion alongside group members 6lack, Benji., Hollywood JB, JID, Jurdan Bryant, and Mereba. Now, they’re back at work on their next album, the title of which they also revealed while speculating about whether their Dreamville boss J. Cole will drop his own album before theirs.

They also explained the album’s title, Ghetto Gods, with Olu elaborating, “This whole conversation has been about respect for people making it out the hood.” Meanwhile, Wowgr8 echoes that sentiment: “The balance of being a God and being ghetto, it’s cool,” he expounds. They also explained that their “quarantine track” with Wale, “Options,” was made without ever being in the same room as their collaborator. Finally, Charlamagne asks the duo about the rumor that their album is dropping the same day as Cole’s.

While they play coy, they do admit they started that rumor themselves to “get the people hype,” and that they don’t actually know when he’s dropping his album.

Watch the full interview above.