Fireboy DML Admits To Being Reclusive: ‘I’ve Never Really Been The Going Out Person’

Over the past few months, Afrobeats artist Fireboy DML has been in heavy rotation by way of TikTok and radio play. His song “Peru” received a co-sign by Ed Sheeran, who appeared on a remix of the track, and he was recruited by Madonna for a Sickick-produced remix of her 1998 hit “Frozen.

Although his music has made him the life of every party, Fireboy admits he prefers spending time on his own. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Fireboy mentioned that he values remaining rooted in his humanity.

Fireboy said, “I’ve always been reclusive, placing priority on solitude, having alone time, and I’ve never really been the going-out person. Growing as a person and into the industry, seeing things, I realized how important it is to hold on to that part of me that always seeks solitude after a long period of time of exchanging energy out there.”

Still, he enjoys seeing crowds dancing and reciting the words to his songs while on tour. Earlier this year, Fireboy performed his first US tour, which he said were some of the best shows of his career.

“It was during the peak winter period and people were coming out in the snow,” Fireboy said. “Family men, married people with kids. It meant a whole lot to me. When you live this life and you’re blinded by the glamour, it’s the little things that burst your head.”

Ed Sheeran and Madonna are Warner Music artists. .