Madonna’s 1998 Hit ‘Frozen’ Has A New Life Thanks To TikTok And An EDM Remix

Madonna‘s 1998 hit “Frozen” got an update courtesy of Canadian EDM producer Sickick, and eventually, an official release of the remix with a guest Afrobeats verse from Nigerian star Fireboy DML. But the road to the remix of her old ’90s hit was paved with TikToks. The producer’s new version quickly became a viral hit on TikTok when he released it back in 2021, and after seeing the song pick up traction, an official remix came out in December of last year. Never one to leave anything on the table (and always quick to take credit for inspiring current trends), Madonna followed that first new version up with another, featuring the Fireboy DML verse, which came out earlier this month. The video for the new version dropped today, sparking even more interest, you can watch it up top.

Now, snippets from the new versions of the song are a quite popular sound on TikTok, and no one has been happier to repost them than Madonna herself. Let’s back up for a second though, and go over the song’s history, because it was quite popular back in the day when it first came out. As the first single for Madonna’s seventh studio album, Ray Of Light, the song just had its 24th birthday, as it was released on February 23, 1998. Aside from critical praise, the song went No. 2 and became her sixth single to do so. It also went No. 1 in UK and plenty of other European countries, too.

Looks like this new version of the song might be headed back up the charts. Check out some of Madonna’s TikTok videos featuring the remixed version, and for good measure, check out the original ’90s video at the bottom.


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