Watch Future Bring Ballet To The Trap With A Radiant Performance Of ‘Crushed Up’ On ‘Ellen’

Ballet and trap are two genres that are about as far apart as it gets, but leave it to Future to find a way to combine the elegance and class of one with the grit and blues of the other for a radiant performance of “Crushed Up” from his new album The Wizrd on The Ellen Show.

Dressed in all-white and lit like the inside of a UFO, Future performed his single with the addition of live musicians and a pair of ballerinas who danced behind him as he reeled off his lyrical list of opulent belongings. Meanwhile, the Wheezy-produced beat received some rock-ish embellishments courtesy of a guitarist solo riffing between bars. The addition of the band and the dancers lends a layer of polish to Future’s delivery that might just earn him some new fans from the Ellen demographic.

However, those new fans should likely stick to listening to the free copies of The Wizrd they received at the show, rather than doing any deep digging into Future’s lifestyle philosophy. They might not agree with his views on the relationship between his son with Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson, which Future seemingly can’t help commenting on. He even butted heads with Jay-Z over his parenting opinions, but that still hasn’t stopped the Future train from rolling right into some impressive first week sales.

The Wizrd is out now via Epic Records.