G-Eazy Announces A ‘Special Side Project’ Called ‘Everything’s Strange Here’

For the last several weeks, it has looked like Bay Area rapper G-Eazy was gearing up for a project as he released a string of singles including “Still Be Friends,” “Moana,” and pair of lo-fi covers of songs from Radiohead and The Beatles. Today, G-Eazy confirmed that he has a “special side project” coming out, revealing the title, cover, and release date on his social media. It’s called Everything’s Strange Here, it’s due on June 5, and you can see the cover artwork in the Instagram post below.


Eazy accompanied the announcement with the release of a new music video, “Free Porn, Cheap Drugs,” which keeps to the themes of his prior singles. It’s got a hazy, alt-rock vibe — similar to the crooning covers he released earlier this year — and the video has a retro, VHS-inspired look to it, documenting Gerald’s days and nights out in the city as he fantasizes about running away to Montana in the lyrics.

Of course, porn and drugs have also featured pretty prominently in his previous music — including both of his aforementioned music videos, which starred members of Vixen’s “angels” promotional team. G-Eazy’s last album, 2017’s The Beautiful & Damned, also addressed his life of excess. Judging from the latest single, it would seem he wants to slow down — but videos full of porn stars suggest that he isn’t quite ready to leave his debauching ways behind just yet.

Watch the video for “Free Porn, Cheap Drugs” above.

Everything’s Strange Here is due 6/5 on RCA Records.