G-Eazy Releases Surprise Covers Of Songs From Radiohead And The Beatles

Despite primarily performing as a rapper, G-Eazy is pretty well known for his rock look — so much so, in fact, that he was even in the running for an Elvis biopic. However, he took his rock-and-roll styling even further during his quarantine free time, releasing a pair of covers that might surprise fans who only know him from his upbeat, Bay Area raps.

On a hazy cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” featuring Ashley Benson, G-Eazy trades in his laid-back rhymes for a more melodic approach incorporating a catchy piano and the drum breakdown from Phil Collins’ “Feel It In The Air Tonight.” G-Eazy lets Benson hold the spotlight for more of the song, letting the funny pop production shine.

Then, G-Eazy goes way back for a woozy take on “I’m So Tired,” The Beatles’ 1968 White Album song about insomnia. Vocal effects smooth the rough edges of Eazy’s voice as he ties his hand at giving John Lennon’s lyrics new life and largely succeeds.

G-Eazy has also been productive in other ways during the coronavirus crisis. At the end of March, he partnered with Larkin Street Youth Services to fund a food truck to help feed Bay Area kids who lost out on free lunch with school closures.

Listen to G-Eazy’s covers of The Beatles “I’m So Tired” and Radiohead’s “Creep” above.