G-Eazy’s ‘The Beautiful & Damned’ Probably Won’t Outsell Eminem, But It’s Still Better Than ‘Revival’

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12.15.17 9 Comments

Everything was tee’d up perfectly for G-Eazy when he announced the arrival date for his new album The Beautiful & Damned a month and a half ago. With an eye-popping lead single with his paramour Halsey, “Him & I” lighting up the charts, and a collaboration with ASAP Rocky and Cardi B, “No Limit” following shortly after that, it appeared that Young Gerald was on pace to score the first No. 1 album of his career. Then it all turned.

Just three weeks after G-Eazy solidified his release date, trap legend Jeezy decided to slate his latest project Pressure for the exact same day. To be honest, I thought the move was absurdly hilarious given how similar their names are. I mean, Jeezy could’ve picked literally any other day of the month or year, why confuse his and G-Eazy most extremely casual fans and total newcomers? That revelation paled in comparison however to the news a couple of weeks back that Eminem, the most commercially successful rapper in the history of the genre had also decided to drop his first full-length project in four years, Revival, on the same exact day as G-Eazy’s latest.

The chances that G-Eazy is going to best Eminem on the charts this week are about as good as Biggie Smalls coming back to life to headline Coachella. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen. Looking back, G-Eazy actually has had an epically bad history when it comes to album release dates. His last full-length project When It’s Dark Out sold 135,000 in its first week alone, which was one of the better showings in all of 2015. The only thing that prevented it from hitting the top of the charts? Hurricane Adele and her million-selling return 25.

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