Issa Rae Quizzes ‘Insecure’ Superfan SZA On The Show’s Biggest Moments

Aside from being featured on the show’s soundtrack (on the song “Quicksand“), SZA is the self-declared “biggest fan” of the HBO show Insecure. The show’s writer, producer, and star Issa Rae put SZA’s knowledge to the test on behalf of Billboard for the publication’s Quizzed series, challenging her on a video chat with questions from the show’s biggest moments.

After the two discuss their respective smoking/drinking habits — Issa drinks but doesn’t smoke, SZA smokes but doesn’t drink — they commence with the questions, which include a “true-or-false” round, a general trivia round, and a quotes round. SZA gets five of seven of the true-or-false questions correct, missing the names of Lawrence’s app and Issae’s rap alter ego. In the general trivia section, SZA garners a perfect score, displaying near-perfect recall of some of the show’s funniest moments, including the wine-down apartment fire and the name of Molly’s dog.

Unfortunately, the “Hit Different” singer doesn’t wind up answering any questions from Issa about her new music. While she argued with TDE president Punch about not having a release date, she told her fans her music wasn’t being held hostage but that she just goes back-and-forth about whether she’s “strong enough” to release it.

Watch Issa Rae and SZA’s full interview above.