SZA Called Out TDE’s President For Not Releasing Her New Music And He Responded

There have been signs in recent months that new music from SZA could be on the way. She teased a “20-track music dump” back in May, and in July, she shared her mother’s heartwarming thoughts on some unreleased songs. Now, it seems like SZA has some material ready to drop, but the way she sees it, her label, Top Dawg Entertainment, is what’s keeping it from coming out.

In a tweet from last night that has since been deleted, SZA wrote regarding new material, “At this point y’all gotta ask punch. I’ve done all I can do.” A fan then shared a screenshot of himself asking TDE president Punch to tell SZA to release music from the Ctrl sessions, to which Punch responded, “soon.” SZA wasn’t pleased with that answer, as she replied, “This is all he says to me as well . Welcome to my f*cking life .”

Another Twitter user then asked, “Would you saaay this is an adverse or hostile relationship orrr just out of your hands = you don’t know,” and SZA answered, “BEEN hostile .” Before getting off Twitter for the night, SZA expressed her frustration once more, tweeting, “Brb yelling at the wall.”

After SZA told her followers to ask Punch about her unreleased music, a number of them took to his Instagram and flooded it with comments about SZA. Punch took to Twitter to address the situation, beginning, “What’s poppin? What y’all on?” He added, perhaps sarcastically, “I am a person and you guys are hurting my feelings.”

Amid retweeting and responding to critical and hostile messages about SZA, he answered one user who said of him, “me after I dont let an artist release her own music because I have a superiority complex that makes it impossible for me to have healthy relationships with women because I always want to control them and then everyone calls me out on it.” He responded, “Wow. That was a great read except you’re 100% wrong.”

Somebody else wondered, “i actually don’t get it what buisness reasons does punch have to not drop their music. the only thing i can think of is no tours but it still gon sell well.” Punch answered them, “Don’t listen to them. Passion can grossly misguide a person.”

SZA seems to have had issues with TDE before. She declared in 2016 that she was quitting music and that Punch could release her album (the then-upcoming Ctrl) “if he ever feels like it.” She later said the album only actually came out because TDE took the masters of the album out of her safe. In 2018, she insisted that her Ctrl follow-up will be her last album.