Jack Harlow Delivers A Smoky Performance Of ‘First Class’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Jack Harlow just unveiled Come Home The Kids Miss You, a highly anticipated album with a Drake feature, a video with Anitta, and a song about Dua Lipa. He announced yesterday that he’ll be embarking on a tour to promote the LP. Last night, he took the stage at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to perform one of his hits, “First Class.” Against screens displaying a blue sky, he raps slickly while the floor floods with white fog. His flow is uninterrupted and smooth, and the stage setup really brings the song to life.

When talking to Fallon, the “Nail Tech” rapper was asked about the viral video of him and Emma Chamberlain at the Met Gala in which he casually ends a conversation with “love ya,” which promptly makes Chamberlain almost freak out. About it, he said, “That’s like a piece of art because there’s so many ways to interpret that, you know what I mean? Everyone has a different take on what was going through her head, so I’ll leave it up to interpretation.” They also discussed the NBA video, with Harlow noting that after the clip of the refs aired during the game broadcast, his phone was flooded with messages.

Watch his performance of “First Class” on The Tonight Show above.

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.